LotLinx syndicates your inventory over 130 popular classified website and consumer portals but delivers the VDP views back on your own dealership website.

Dealers know that the best place to have a consumer view their inventory is on their own website.  If the dealership website has live chat running, these clicks can be greeted by your sales staff.

When a dealer subscribes for 500 consumer shopping clicks to a Vehicle Detail Page (VDP), they can see those 500+ clicks for themselves in Google Analytics.  This allow dealers to audit their invoice and also track conversion via phone and lead forms.  LotLinx is a fully transparent advertising solution; it’s like PPC on steroids!


  •  Automotive research & listings sites
  • Automotive enthusiasts sites
  • Local media sites
  • Search engines and general information sites
  • Classified sites
  • Owner sites

How It Works

Lotlinx marketing program will push your inventory to all major third party sites, e.g Cargurus.com, CarandDriver.comMotortrend.com, and many more, while having them directed to your dealer website.

Once a relevant match is made and the Shopper selects a vehicle, the Shopper is Deeplinked directly to your VDP. Best of all, you only pay for unique Shoppers that we send to your VDPs.

Get More Customers on Your Vehicle Detail Pages with LotLinx

A recent automotive study conducted by Cobalt clearly shows that vehicles that have more Vehicle Detail Page (VDP) views sell faster. If dealers want to sell more cars, they need to get their VDPs in front of as many Internet car shoppers as possible. LotLinx drives low-funnel car shoppers directly to their website’s Vehicle Detail Pages (VDP) – not leads on third party sites.